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Our Story

Peduli Kasih started as Veritas Indonesian Catholic Community Hong Kong (KKIHK), a group of Indonesian Migrant Workers who visited sick and often lonely friends. This became the initial spirit of Peduli Kasih, the strong desire to offer support and carry out concrete actions amidst the problems and sufferings of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong.

In January 2020, Peduli Kasih was registered as Foundation or Society under Societies Ordinance.

Holistic Health, Our Concern 

Our Vision

Our Vision

​Better health and wellbeing for all especially migrant workers and ethnic minorities.

Our Services

  1. Providing assistance during hospital visit

  2. Personal development program to promote personal wellbeing and peer support 

  3. Raising physical & mental health awareness

  4. Mental Health Consultation & Counseling

We Need Your Support Today!

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