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Our Story

Peduli Kasih was registered as a Society under the Societies Ordinance in January 2020.

In August 2022, Peduli Kasih Hong Kong received confirmation from HKIRD as a charitable institution of a public character and exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

In the beginning, as Veritas Indonesian Catholic Community Hong Kong (KKIHK) under the Indonesian Chaplaincy of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. Starting only with a very small group of parishioners who visited terminally ill and often lonely friends in hospitals, shelters, and even prisons. This became the initial spirit of Peduli Kasih, our strong desire to offer support and carry out concrete actions amidst the problems and sufferings of migrant domestic workers, including marginalized groups, and throughout broader societies. Holding hand in hand we extend our service from visitation of terminally ill, to operating shelter houses for technically homeless and improving mental health through training and education.

We believe that these charity works were not ours to take credit for, and rather difficult to explain that they truly do not belong to us. These are true reflections of wonder, from people who care and are generous and people less fortunate in society who are willing to receive. We just merely a vessel connecting in between to make this act of love happen.

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